Story of A Scale Model Collector

Neither me nor my mother had an idea that where this would lead. I was just another kid at the toy shop pursuing his mother to get him that toy car. Nothing unusual there. Fast forward 20 years. I am still in the toy shop, now a father of cute little daughter, so again nothing unusual there. Surprise!! There is, I am not buying toys for my daughter, I am buying toy cars for myself. It is just that now I call those car toys the miniatures or scale model or diecast.

Yes, I am scale model collector, one of those weird guys whose fascination for toy cars is just not dying. For the uninitiated, a Scale model is a precision miniature model of an automobile built to a particular scale replicating the details of the original. For me this hobby of collecting scale models of Cars, Motorbikes is an extension of my love for anything automobile. Though there could be different reason for people to get into this hobby, but love for automobile is numero uno reason for one to become a scale model collector.


I started with collecting Scale models of motorcycles. I still remember that during the 2004 Auto expo, the very first one which I visited, I borrowed money from every family member of mine and bought a 1:12 Suzuki Hayabusa and 1:12 Yamaha R1. The intricate details like disc brakes, tyres lights etc replicated to perfection blew me over. It was fun, I experienced the high which no drug can match (Exaggeration, I bet you not. Ask any collector and they would echo the sentiment).

Subsequently I shifted to 1:18 scale, this is a more universally accepted scale, lot of variety, lot of options, lot of price points.



As a collector you need to opt for a particular scale and a theme, this helps you in streamlining your collection. In case you don’t, there is just too much out there to collect. You will keep running out of money or space or both. Just for record I keep running out of former very frequently. My primary collection is made of 1:18 scale and the theme which I follow is Motorbikes and Lamborghinis. I do have models of few other cars also, but these are the cars which I absolutely love in 1:1 scale and would love to own someday. Till that day I would play with my model of same and feel happy.


To sum it up, this is  madness and there is no end to it. There is always just that one more model which you want to add. That reminds me, I also have few of those “just that one more model” on my wish list, let me look for it.

PS: I haven’t touched upon any of technicalities like Scales, Brands, Types etc. Google it if you really want to know, you may end up getting hooked to it. World can surely manage one more of those weird adults fascinated with toy cars.

Note: This story is submitted by a scale model collector.

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