Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence: The Man You Want

Volvo XC90 Excellence is a true Scandinavian Luxury. It is modern clean, simple and highly functional in design. Less is More.


Who is the perfect man? If you ask me to define I would say; good looking, nice chiseled body and most importantly, intelligent both mentally & emotionally.

With the imperfections of humans, it might be hard to find the perfect man, but its surely not that difficult to find that near perfect car.

Now to begin with, I live in Delhi NCR and by heart prefer SUVs in comparison to Sedans given the road infrastructure of the city.  And once we look at our options available in big Luxury SUVs, we got Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes GLS and the Volvo XC90.

Tough Outside, Luxurious inside; that’s what the brands say. But is it the real luxury you get inside these tough looking cars? Not Really. Have you ever thought about getting the interior luxury of a Maybach into the body of an SUV? Sounds like best of both worlds?

Now you can get the best of both worlds. Finally, Volvo has answered the prayers of those seeking the ruggedness of an SUV and comfort & luxury of a Sedan. Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence is a full-size SUV but only with 4 seats.

It doesn’t end here, it is high on Intelligence & emotional quotient, as it is a twin-engine plug in Hybrid SUV.

Sounds like that perfect man now? Let take a closer look.


The Volvo XC90 commands a strong presence on the road. Its chiseled monolithic structure is impossible to miss on the road. The newly designed upright grille & Thor Hammer LED day time running lights make it look futuristic. At the rear the Volvo has not lost its shoulder cut light design, instead have made it even sharper adding to the athletic built of the car.

  • VolvoXC90_T8Excellence_Front

The Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence looks same as the XC90. The only difference you can spot between the two is the chrome plated B & C Pillar, 21 inch alloys instead of 20 inch alloys that you in the 7 seater XC90 and the second filler cap for the charging socket.


While designing the interiors of 4 seater XC90 Excellence, Volvo made sure that everybody is treated equally well. Contrary to other Volvo cars like the S60 & XC60 wherein the front seats are designed better than the rear seats, the Volvo XC90 T8 excellence is crafted to treat you with luxury no matter where you are seated. All the four seats are equipped with ventilation, heating, reclining, lumbar support, side bolster adjustment, extended thigh support and massage function. These seats are clad in perforated nappa leather & offer great comfort to say the least.


The dashboard is clad in leather with fine stitch lines and wood inserts. The 9-inch touch screen sensus connect floats in the middle, tilted slightly towards the driving side to ensure the convenience of the driver. The sensus connect controls various functions of the car, including seat functions for the front two seats.

The front console is made more interesting with the diamond cut start stop twist knob and orrefors crystal gear knob. I absolutely loved the integration of glamour.


Since it’s a 4 seater, the legroom at rear goes up by 50mm. But the beauty here is the rear console. This console holds cooled bottle holder, pop out touch screen for the controlling the rear seat functions, leather clad fold out tables and two beautifully designed orrefors crystal champagne flute holders. Missing Champagne??? Worry Not, there is Beverage cooler box as well between the two seats. The bowers & wilkins music system replicating the Gothenberg Concert hall takes care of rest of your mood.


The entire cabin is separated from the luggage compartment by a glass partition ensuring minimum cabin noise.

The entire mix of Leather, Wood and Swedish orrefors crystal makes it chic.

Under the Hood

The Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence is a Hybrid SUV powered by 2L four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor. The engine in the front is supercharged as well as turbocharged to produce 320bhp. The electric motor housed atop the rear axle produces 87 bhp. The petrol engine powers the front two wheels & electric motor powers the rear two. There is no mechanical link between the two, instead the space has been cleverly utilized for the lithium ion batteries.

Driving Experience

The Volvo XC90 T8 is a twin engine SUV offering 5 drive modes:

Pure: This is as green as its name. Herein the car operates in fully electric mode drawing power from the electric motor. Honestly, the car glided at this mode; no sound, no emissions.
This is suitable for speeds upto 80kmph, post that the petrol engine comes into play. Volvo claims that the car can run upto 40kms with single charge.Consider your ride to office covered. Volvo also will be installing two plug in chargers for you, one at your home and other at your office.

Hybrid: As the name suggests it alternates between the motor & engine to maximize the efficiency. The transition is quite smooth.

Power: Want to feel the Volvo XC90 T8 at full power? Call in for the power mode an both the engine & motor come together to offer you 407 bhp. That is too much now, considering the best Volvo ever offered in India before the launch of XC90 was 250 bhp (diesel engine)
Step on the accelerator and it is a size defying performance. It goes from 0 -100kmph in 5.9 seconds, which is incredible for a car of this size (2.4 tonnes)

AWD: Here again both the energy sources come together, The petrol engine powers the front two wheels & motor powers the rear two & the car get into the AWD mode.

Save: The car runs on the petrol engine saving the battery for later use.

Overall the drive of the Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence is smooth and powerful. It is comfortable both on the driving seat as well as the rear seats. The suspension is good too as it comes standard with air suspension, ride quite comfortable even while driving through the rough roads.

Safety Features

The Volvos are known for building the safest cars in the world & Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence is no different. In addition to the use of boron steel, what is amazing is that the complete set of magical radar based safety features are now available in India.

The adaptive cruise control, collision warning, lane departure warning and blind spot detection can now be used. The Volvo lovers had been waiting for these features to made available in India.


The Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence is available for INR 1.28 Cr Ex showroom, which makes it the most expensive Volvo till date. However, the pricing is quite like the sedans with similar offerings.

I Love

  • Just everything about it. This is “The Best Volvo” made till date.

I Don't

  • Nothing to not like in the car. There is no reason you should not consider it if you are planning to shell out 1.5 Cr for a car.

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