Women in Automobile Industry

Automobile is often considered to a male dominated industry. Cars are often considered to be Man’s toys, the big boys toys.

Has it ever happened to you that you enter a car showroom, a beautiful showroom hostess meets you at the reception & assigns a sales consultant to you. Next you expect a guy dressed up in formals to come & greet you. But to your surprise, a girl clad in smart formals introduces herself to you offers to you help in the process. And what is impressive is that they know what they are talking, they know their products damn well. It is time to break stereotypes and accept the fact that girls too love cars and they do know about them and they can certainly be good drivers.

Today women are involved in every aspect of this industry from managing to designing to innovation to marketing to racing & driving to expressing their opinion through car reviews.

And girls who love cars are rare gifts from God (wink)

Let’s take a look at 5 such astonishing women:


Mary Barra

Automobile_MarryBaraMary Barra is Chairman & Chief executive office of the General Motor Company. She has been associated with the company since 1980, she started at 18 as an intern at the company. Her dad was a factory worker at GM.
A Graduate from Stanford University, she is the first woman CEO for the US automaker. She works with the ideology of ‘customer first’ and never refrains from taking the required harsh steps like shutting the non-profitable operations in India, Russia etc. No wonder she was ranked the Most Powerful Woman in 2016 by Forbes.


Danica Patrick

Automobile_DanicaPatrick A girl who can race cars is a dream girl and Danica is a dream girl in every aspect. This 35 years old beauty is not just a car racer but a model and advertising spokeswoman. She is best known for winning IndyCar race in 2008. She has booked many such firsts to her name and there is no stopping to her. She lives by the ideology of being the best racer, not just the best female racer. We are already deeply & madly in love with you Danica.


 Michelle Christensen

Automobile_MichelleChristensen The face behind the exterior design of bold & sexy Acura NSX is that of a gorgeous woman, Michelle Christensen. She is the first female in the automobile industry to lead the supercar design team. She grew up working on muscle cars with her father in San Jose, this got her interested in pursuing automobile design. Her interest in fashion also influenced the looks of the NSX. She says designing the exterior for the car is like dressing up a body in a couture.

We agree with you Ms. Christensen, it does look like a couture piece.


Trudy Hardy

Automobile_TrudyHardyThis incredible woman is the marketing driving force behind ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, BMW, North America. Awarded the ‘Brand Genius Winner for Automotive’ in 2014 by Adweek for her incredible campaign at Russia Olympics. She went as far as getting the sleds designed in carbon fiber for the US bobsled team. Sleds were designed in the same carbon fiber in which the BMW i series are designed. Now this is called the real product integration. She believes in taking risks, after all nothing outstanding can be achieved without risks.


Elizabeth Baron

Automobile_elizabethBaronBaron is a Technical specialist in Virtual Reality & Advanced Visualisation at Ford Motor Company. She has been working in VR since 1999, yes long before we heard about it. Today VR is being used at Ford not only for designing & production but also for developing the autonomous vehicle technologies. With Baron’s efforts VR has now become ‘Holistic & collaborative’ part of the entire production.


So, girls, don’t stop yourself. Don’t let anyone else decide for you. Be true to yourself and do what love doing and what you can do the best. It is not a Man’s world any more, it is ours too. Let’s set our share right.




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