Ford Endeavour: The Hulk of SUVs

Batman got a Batmobile, superman can fly, poor hulk had to walk all by himself, so hulk asked Ford to design a car for him and this car is called the Ford Endeavour. Jokes apart, but with the size & magnitude of the car Ford Endeavour is the Hulk amongst the SUVS. It tall, broad, muscular, bulky and has a massive road presence.

Ford took good sweet 12 years to bring in the all New Ford Endeavour. The new model has retained the machoness of an SUV with dash of styling added. I am a fan of big SUVs because of the dominance they have on the roads and Ford Endeavour is no different. You are bound to feel more confident behind the wheel, due to the magnitude of the car. Everything else around just looks so tiny.

Lets take a Close look at this Hulk.

Ford Endeavour: Exteriors


The Ford Endeavour has quite a dominating exterior. It got a sturdy and tough look to it. With the sculpted bonnet, front and rear scuff plates and footsteps it looks massive. The bonnet is at quite a height for a tiny person like me.
At the rear, the taillights have me made smaller and engraved “Endeavour” on a chrome base adds sophistication to its overall appearance.

From the outside, it looks perfect blend of a boxy and curvy SUV.



Ford Endeavour: Interiors


Getting inside the Ford Endeavour is not no easy; the footstep offered with the car is a real functionality as without it is it is almost impossible to get inside.

Inside the cabin, it looks all simple and clean. An 8-inch touchscreen sits in the center, the Ac vents right beside on each side and the grey plastic gives the sense of continuity. The dashboard is clad in leather (favorite interior color with the Indian market). The steering wheel is nice to hold and has plenty of controls mounted. The inclement cluster looks fancy with a lot of data display; herein, the left side of the speedometer is for the phone & audio info where as the right side gives driver all the information about the car.


The rear seats are decently comfortable and an easily accommodate three people. The seats are design in the 60:40 ratio fashion and they can also be recline for extra comfort. The legroom is good enough even for tall people.
The third as expected is little crammed, the seats are slimmer, getting in and out is a task and is certainly not for anyone over 5ft 2inches.

With the panoramic sunroof, beige interiors and simple design, the interiors of the car look plush.

Engine & Drive

For Endeavour is available only with the diesel fuel option and with automatic transmission. There are two engine options, a 2.2L engine & a 3.2 L engine; the 2.2 L engine is a 4X2 AT, whereas the 3.2 L engine is a 4X4 AT.

The 2.2 L engine produces 157 bhp, and makes a wonderful car for everyday use and city driving. It might lack punch but definitely does not feel underpowered. The company claimed mileage for this variant is 12.62 Kmpl.

The 3.2 L engine produces 197 bhp, is for the ones who want that punch and power. This one comes with all time 4X4 Ford terrain management system, which makes it a beautiful off roader. I tried it with the rough and the curvy hill roads and the car responded beautifully. The suspension is not bad either. For me, it an excellent car for those road trips, be it the straight highway roads or the crazy trip to off beat hill stations. The mileage should be last on you list with this variant as the company claimed mileage for this one is 10.91 kmpl.


The Ford Endeavour is available in 3 variants in India, all of which are automatic diesel variants. The car is available INR 25.09 Lakhs onwards.

I Love

The dominance of ford Endeavour on the roads.

Its off-roading Capabilities

The fact, that it offers panoramic sunroof. (unlike Fortuner)

I Don't

I Don’t

Simple features like Push start, Navigation etc. are missing.

The co driver seat is manually adjustable (Duh, Why???)

Ingress & Egress is little difficult.

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