DC Avanti- A ‘Sports car’ Dream come True

DC Avanti, A sports car you can buy without mortgaging your property.

Stunning looking cars races past you, and all the heads turn to admire that beauty. This is not a regular scenario, it happens once in a while when you see an unusual looking sports car crossing your eyes. You hold your breath and wish to own this gorgeous machine.

Sports cars are like dream to many people. Boys grow up with that desire to own one sports car some day. Life happens, they turn into grown up responsible men and they settle for the sedans or the SUVs suiting the everyday family needs. These successful men might be traveling comfortably in their german or Swedish manufactured cars. But their hearts still ache for the long lost girlfriend, their love, their sports car.

Now, what are the options available to these men and what would it cost them to bring their girlfriend home? Well, couple of years back, it was not so easy for a man in India to fulfil his desire of a sports car without burning a hole in his pocket. The Ferraris and the Lamborghinis, as fancy as they may sounds are insanely expensive to buy, and they don’t go easy on you when it comes to their maintenance. And with our current road infrastructure, it hurts even further to drive them on roads. This circle of sports car owners was restricted to selected few. For others it was still a dream.


Understanding this gap, DC design launched its own sports car , the DC Avanti. DC Avanti is first indigenously designed, developed and manufactured sports car. It is available at a price point of INR 36,00,000 which makes the most affordable sports car in India. A sports car that will help you fulfil your desire without burning your pockets. A sports car that you can still think of buying in this stagnant economy.

Lets take a closer look at this super star:

DC Avanti : Exterior


In one word “Head Turner”. It is not everyday you see a two-seater sports car on roads. With its super car styling and dimensions, it is super sexy to look at. The front of the car holds the aggressive look, highlighted with bi xenon headlamps. The well defined flowing shoulder lines split at the center. The rear is little droopier, but I personally like it as it adds to the drama. With its mid mounted engine and aggressive muscular look, 20” forged alloys, it looks like a full blown sports car and looks nothing like a 35 lakh car. You can customize your exterior color, go subtle with white or a silver, or go crazy with yellow and orange. Or just pick up your favorite Lamborghini shade and ask DC to customize a piece for you. It all can be done with DC Avanti.

DC Avanti: Interior


In an effort to increase the ground clearance to 170 mm and still maintaining the sports car proportion, the interior headroom has been compromised a bit. Tall people may face a little trouble getting inside. But with the bucketed sports seats, one you are inside, head room is not much of an issue and these seats do hold you well. The interior space is quite good, there is plenty of legroom available.
The interiors are basic, the seats and dashboard are done in faux leather. You can get the interior leather combination customised based on the exterior colour of the car. Inside, there is a digital instrument cluster and a music system with car play and rear view camera. Coming from the company known for the interior customisation of cars, interiors of DC Avanti seem to be little off

DC Avanti : Under the Hood

The mid engine DC Avanti comes with a 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine producing 248 bhp. The engine is being sourced from French automaker, Renault. With a 6 speed manual transmission this engine can be exploited fully and is good enough for first time sports car owners. The company claims 0 to 100 km/hr in 6 seconds, which is not bad at all.


Driving Experience

I was really excited to take the DC Avanti out on the road. The car has an amazing presence on the road. Driving an Avanti requires managing of gear shifts a bit but once you get it, there is nothing stopping you from extracting full performance out of it, making it a dynamic experience altogether. Those who love core racing and want sheer performance without too may frills and fancies, it is great car, it is engaging and it a lot of fun. The drive is not really very smooth, suspension is on stiffer end, but that is how a raw sports car is suppose to be.
In addition to the driving experience is the experience of taking it on the road. You can see all the heads turning, people clicking pictures and making videos, this does make you feel like a celebrity. And the best was my parking experience, I reached a cafe in Delhi and the guard there actually moved the car already parked in the porch so the this sexy sports car can take up the spotlight position


DC Avanti is available INR 36,30,000 onwards. Company offers a whole range of customization and personalization options, including aero kit, exhaust, colour options, your name on the instrument cluster and lot more.


I love

  • It looks absolutely stunning. Nothing like this can be bought for 36 lakhs.

  • Both interior and exterior customisation and personalisation options are available.

  • The attention you get when you take this on roads. Special parking space is a bonus.

I Don't

  • It is a Manual transmission; this makes it a little difficult to drive.
  • Interiors are too basic.
  • Suspension is too stiff.


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  • October 9, 2017 at 5:08 am

    It is a sexy looking car. Cant believe its available at that price.


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