Maruti Cars under 5 lakhs: India’s Favourite Cars

Maruti is a market leader today is and is the most popular brand when it comes to cars under 5 lakhs. Maruti Suzuki has been in India since 1982, understanding the Indian customers and  delivering the products that best suit the requirements of a common man. The brand has been popular for bringing in cars that are easy to buy, easy to maintain and on top of it offer the best mileage, an attribute valued very high by Indian customers.

Lets take a look at what Maruti cars under 5 lakhs are in market:

Cars Under 5 Lakhs: Maruti Suzuki Swift


The car has been a runway success for Maruti Suzuki since it is launch almost a decade back. The car is continuously wooing the middle aged men as well as hip college going youngsters.


Styling: The swift is a very handsome looking car, its non boxy appearance make it a strong contender for the best car under 5 lakhs category.

Relaibility: This comes standard with most of the Maruti cars and Swift is no exception.


Space: Though Swift is relatively a big car but it not very spacious at the back, the high window lines make it a claustrophobic.

Cars Under 5 Lakhs: Maruti Suzuki Wagon R


This boxy looking car has been one of the highest selling cars from Maruti, despite its not so attractive styling


Space: the Wagon R is a very spacious for an entry level hatchback, this is the result of the not so aspiring boxy looking design.

Relaibility, this comes standard with most of the Maruti cars and WagonR is no exception.


Build Quality: The overall build quality is slightly on the flimsier side, the overall build quality is not very confidence inspiring but in case your travel is limited to city limits, this should not be a deal breaker.


Cars Under 5 Lakhs: Maruti Suzuki Alto K10


Size: The compact size of the Alto makes it a great city runabout, the 1 litre K series engine makes it one little peppy car.

Fuel Efficiency: The small size and less weight result in fantastic fuel efficiency, this makes a great case for a first time car buyer.

Size: Yes, the Alto’s biggest strength is its biggest shortcoming also. Alto is one cramped car, the interior space is highly compromised. Put four large adults in this for a long drive and be assured that you will be cursed for really long.


Cars Under 5 Lakhs: Maruti Ignis



Looks: Ignis is one striking looking car, Maruti has surely upped the game when it comes to the overall styling. Ignis is a truly international product and it surely looks the part.


Lack of features: The entry level model is devoid of the features seen on the top of the line models which make the car not that special place to be in.


Cars Under 5 Lakhs: Maruti Celerio



Practicality: Celerio is a practical car with Capital P, It has got all the ingredients for being a very first car of someone just right. It comes with all the aspects associated with a Maruti Suzuki and some more making it in underdog with great potential in the competition of best budget hatchbacks.

Ease of ownership: Just like any other Maruti Suzuki, Celerio is one easy car to own. The wide spread service network, low cost of service and spares, option of AMT make it a dream come true for a first time car owner.


Looks: The only in Fly in the armour of this capable Suzuki is its looks. It is an unremarkable car to look at, let along second glance, the uninspiring styling makes getting even first glance difficult for it.

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