Cars under 5 lakhs: The Problem of Choice

Half a million INR, sounds like large sum of money, isn’t it? It is not, 5 lakh rupees ,in not so fancy words, is what we are talking about here. Large or not, this amount is good enough to get you an entry level car. After all, there are numerous options to choose from when you are looking for cars under 5 lakhs. To be honest way too many to make a decision without getting confused, the problem of choice.

The Hatchback market is the biggest pie of Indian Automobile Market and every manufacturer is trying its level best to grab the biggest piece of it. Maruti Suzuki is the undisputed leader and ruling this segment with multiple offering from their product portfolio (Checkout the Maruti cars under 5 lakhs.)

Hyundai is also putting their best foot forward with few very promising products. Even players like Tata and Mahindra are aggressively trying to increase their share in this important “make or break” segment.

Lets take a look at cars under 5 lakhs besides Maruti:

Cars Under5Lakhs_Renaultkwid

Renault Kwid is a gorgeous looking SUV styled hatchback and is one of the most famous product by Renault. It is available at a super attractive price point of INR 2.62 lakhs onwards, due to which Renault kwid has managed to take a big enough portion of the pie named 'cars under 5 lakhs'.

Styling: Renault has got the styling just right, with all the black cladding around Kwid looks like a small SUV. The love of Indian car buying public for SUV is no secret anymore and Kwid’s constant good sales numbers are the testimony of the same.

Automatic: Kwid is being offered with a very convenient AMT version also, it undercuts the other Automatic hatchbacks in pricing by a huge margin. The funky looking dial operated gear selector sweetens the deal further.


Interior, the cheap plastic quality makes Kwid’s interior a place not very desirable to be in. The overdose of black doesn’t help the case either.

Tata Tiago


Tata Tiago is Tata's attempt to change the perception about Tata cars. The good looking Tiago is available INR 3.21 lakhs onwards.


Styling: Car buying in India is a fairly emotional process and majority of decisions are based on how a car looks. Tata has managed to hit the bullseyes with Tiago. Tiago is one handsome looking car, which gets it some brownie points over other contenders with first time car buyers.

Interior: Tata has come of age and delivering well rounded products. Tiago’s interior compliments the fantastic exterior, the interior layout is well thought of and ergonomically perfect. Fit and finish is also top notch.

Some brownie points over other contenders with first time car buyers.


After Sales Support: This is one fly in the armour when it comes to Tata product, car ownership is prolonged experience, dubious quality of after sales support can ruin the experience. Tata needs to work on After sales support to gain the holistic confidence of customers.

Tata Tigor


Tata Tigor is the only compact sedan in the segment of cars under 5 lakhs. It is available INR 4.65 Lakhs onwards. So, incase you have affinity towards sedans, you cannot miss to take this one into consideration.


Exclusivity: Tata has coined the term Styleback with their latest offering Tigor. Tigor is based on the Tiago platform. The distinctive three box styling makes it a great choice for someone who has the intent to stand out in the crowd.


By the virtue of sharing platform with Tiago, Tigor bring everything associated with it. You can refer to above mentioned Tiago section for more details.

Hyundai Grand i10


The Hyundai Grand i10 is a good looking & a sturdy car and is available INR 4.59 lakhs onwards.


Overall Feel: As the name suggest, this essentially a i10 with everything grand. It has the large hatchback feel to it which is usually associated with only the expensive hatchbacks.

Build Quality: The build quality of the i10 grand is superb,even the doors shut with reassuring thud.


Cost of ownership: The Grand i10 is not a very frugal car for a hatchback, fuel efficiency is just about ok and not really comparable to other smaller hatchback. Relatively expensive service cost of Hyundai vehicles makes owning a Grand i10 an expensive proposition.


Mahindra KUV


This  chubby looking Mahindra car is a 6 seater and is available INR 4.39 lakhs onwards.


Big Car feel: Mahindra understands that Indian car buying public loves SUVs. So their latest offering in the budget segment mimics the SUV styling.


Engine: The entry level model within the 5 lac budget comes with only petrol engine option. Mahindra is no expert when it comes to Petrol engine, in case the big car feel is not of paramount importance once should steer clear of KUV.

Styling: Just like most of the other Mahindra Product, the vehicle is over styled. The big body on the small wheel gives KUV a funny stance.


Honda Brio


This ideal looking hatchback from Honda is available INR 4.66 lakhs onwards.


Engine: Brio comes with brilliant 1.2 Litre iVtec engine which produces 90 bhp. This makes the car a joy to drive in and around the city. Brio is a brilliant choice for someone who is looking for a fun car.

Reliability: just like any other Honda, Brio also comes up with bulletproof reliability.


Build quality: A little surprising, but in the bid to keep the cost and price in check, Honda seems to have cut few corners in build quality of the Brio.

Ford Figo

CarsUnder5Lakhs_For Figo

This hatchback from the Ford is available 4.80 lakhs onwards.


Dynamics: just like the first generation, the second generation Figo has fantastic driving dynamics, the cars doesn’t feel like a budget hatchback. It drives and rides with maturity associated with expensive cars.

Space: Figo is a spacious car and can accommodate four large and five average size adults in extreme comfort.


After Sales Support: The Ford has worked extensively on the its service network but it is still not there. It is still hit and miss for an individual’s perspective.

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