Automatic Cars in India: 6 Cars under 6 Lakhs

Automatic Cars in India are no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Most of the rides to office and back from office end up in a start stop ride. With ever increasing traffic you end up braking more than accelerating. And constant requirement to press the clutch and change the gears is no less than a torture.

A friend used to drive a manual transmission car around 100kms a day for around 6 days a week. She started hearing the ‘click’ sound from her left knee. If she would have continued I am sure she would have gone under a knee surgery (lol)

So, she finally decided to get an automatic car. Automatic cars in India are  no longer a luxury, but has become a become basic requirement. Especially for those who end up driving over 60 to 80 kms a day. She allocated a budget of around 6 lakhs for this new purchase. Let’s look at the options available for automatic cars in India under 6 Lakhs:


  1. Renault Kwid


It is a great looking car with a stance of an SUV. Available INR 3.79 Lakhs* onwards, the Renault Kwid is one of the cheapest automatic cars available in India. While the exterior is amazing, the interior lacks quality. However, it is very spacious for its size. It is a light an easy car to drive with good suspension and easy manoeuvrability. It is a good vehicle for city use but not a great car for highway driving. Company claims fuel economy of around 24 Kmpl, however, the customers claim it to be between 12 to 15 kmpl.


  1. Maruti Celerio


Celerio was the first automatic car in India by Maruti. The pricing is Rs. 4.50 Lakhs onwards for the automatic variant. In terms of exteriors it is like an elder brother to Maruti Alto. Interiors are way better in comparison to Kwid. Also, the vehicle is heavier than Kwid and therefore feels more stable. However, since it is an AMT, there is a little lag in gear shifting. The company claims the mileage to be around 23 kmpl. The users on an average claim it to be around 15 to 18 Kmpl.


  1. Tata Tiago


Tata’s attempt to design good looking resulted in Tata Tiago. It looks good both outside and inside. The interiors are way more premium than the Tata’s born before this. Tiago comes with a 1.2 L engine which is bigger than the Kwid & celerio. The AMT for the Tiago is not so good when it comes to stop start city driving, but with 84bhp performs well at higher speeds. It also, comes with a sports mode making throttle more sensitive to the inputs. For music lovers, Tata Tiago is the only automatic car in India under 6 lakhs that comes with Harman music system. The AMT version of the car is available Rs 4.79 lakhs onwards. The company claimed mileage is 22-23kmpl, however the user claimed mileage is around 12 to14 kmpl


  1. Maruti WagonR

Competitive pricing and strong after sales service network makes Marutis favourite in under 6 lakh category. WagonR has been one of the top selling models of Maruti, and with the AMT version now in offering will attract more urban commuters. The engine & AMT technology used is same as celerio. The straight box like shape outside allows to maximise the space inside. The tall boy look also gives you good headroom. The AMT variant is available INR 4.84 Lakhs onwards. Mileage claimed by the company is 20.5 Kmpl, the user claimed mileage is around 14 kmpl.


  1. Maruti Ignis


This unconventional looking Maruti is designed keeping millennials in mind. It is a “Love it” or “hate it” kind of a crossover design. Its spacious inside and looks more modern than other marutis. With its 1.2 liter petrol engine it produces 82 bhp, which makes this light weight car more fun & quirky in drive. The Maruti Ignis is available INR 5.72 Lakh onwards. However, it is not a car for you in case you are looking for fuel economy. Company claims a mileage of 20.4 kmpl, but the user claimed mileage is roughly around 12kmpl.


  1. Hyundai i10 Grand


Like other cars from Hyundai, the i10 is also a good-looking car without a doubt. And it is the only automatic transmission car under 6 lakhs, which is an AT instead of AMT. This makes it a smoother drive, as the gearshifts are not jerky at all. With 1.2-liter engine and 82 bhp, this is a stable and a powerful drive. On the inside it is spacious as well as has premium feel to it. The i10 grand is available INR 5.94 lakhs onwards. The company claimed mileage for the car is 18.9 kmpl however end user can expect a mileage of 12kmpl.


With the increasing need for the automatic cars in India, we can expect the list to go longer in future. 

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