5 Mind Blowing DC Cars

DC Design is an automotive design company known for designing one of its kind cars. The company has designed over 600 DC Cars which includes prototyping for OEMs, designing concept cars and designing Lounges for cars & buses.

Here are 5 mind blowing DC cars that were super futuristic:

DC Gaia


DC design launched DC Gaia in 2003 at Geneva Motor show. It is really difficult to believe that this design is almost 15 years old now. Even today when you look at DC Gaia, it looks modern yet classic. The front of the car is long with multi slat grille, which gives it a classic look. The rear goes too modern or rather futuristic and is quite curvy. Love it or hate it, but this must have blown the minds away back in 2003. Even today, the design does not look dated. It seems surprising and unrealistic but this design is based on Mitsubishi Lancer. In fact DC design can design DC Gaia for a client on any mid sized sedan at around 70 lakhs. After all, no price is high enough for exclusivity.

DC Circa


When a designer designs some thing too futuristic and completely out of the box , it generally does not get accepted too well. DC circa is one of those DC cars that went a little too futuristic and out of line in terms of its design. this wild mix of an SUV and a sports car was launched in 2004 and the designer envisioned it be the SUVs of 2020. However, we cannot see that coming that soon, may be couple of decades more. In case you are curious about which car has been used to design the DC Circa, the answer is Mitsubishi Pajero.

DC Infidel


This is DC’s initial attempts on to deigning a sports car. DC Infidel is a full cab forwards design and is based on Toyota MR2. Accepted in design as a thoroughbred sports car, DC Infidel was liked by many.

However, it looks dated in design today but I am sure it would have been talk of the town back in 2002 when DC showcased it at the auto expo. This project was actually commissioned to showcase the design capabilities of an Indian design house to the world and set a foot in the international market.

DC Taarzan


Taarzan the wonder has been one of the most talked about DC cars. This car was designed especially for the director duo Abbas-Mustan for their movie, Taarzan the wonder car. Everyone loved the car and still get excited talking about it. The DC Taarzan looked nothing like what Indian audience had seen and this fantasy car from the movie became fantasy of many and the popularity of DC Design went to soaring heights. The DC Taarzan was designed on the the Toyota MR2, just like DC infidel. In fact, it was a more exaggerated version of the DC Infidel. The car costed approximately 2 Cr at that time. If you are still a Taarzan fan, you can get you own fantasy car designed by DC. Such strikingly unique DC cars can be designed 70 lakh onwards.

DC Ambierod


Ironically at auto expo 2008 the cheapest car the most expensive car at that were launched. Yes we are talking about the Tata nano and DC Ambeirod. The showstopper of 2008 auto expo had its design based on ambassador but it was not designed on an ambassador. It was a whole new design from the scratch and was powered by a BMW V12 engine. The car way to futuristic, looked elegant and modern. The 3 seater concept of Ambierod was a sheer indication luxury and opulence. The DC Ambierod was designed for the future and was said to be equipped with LCD televisions, mood lighting, cameras, internet and lot more. Adding to the drama were the gull wing doors.

The price was luxurious too, in 2008 the car was launched for 4cr. Now you can get your ambierod designed on any BMW 7 series or a Mercedes s class, the customisation charges are approximately 1.5 Cr.

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