5 DC Cars designed for Ultra Luxury Experience

DC Design is an automotive design company known for innovative, creative and sometimes outrageous designs. DC cars are designed keeping in mind that one design cannot impress all; you can like or hate it but you certainly can’t ignore it.

Other than designing some of the most dramatic mind-blowing cars like Tarzan, DC Avanti etc, the company is also into designing the interiors for otherwise basic looking cars like Toyota Innova, Renault Duster and many more. These DC Cars workout to be the best options for those who like keep low profile but do not want to compromise on luxury and comfort.

Lets take a look at how the DC magic wand works on these cars:


Toyota Innova has been a popular car, especially for those who prefer a chauffeur driven cars or those who travel too much. Yes, it is a comfortable and economical car to maintain, but with DC modification, the car gets a whole new look inside.
Be it the New Innova Crysta or the older Innova, DC has a solution for all of them.
With two recliners and a partition it is a complete private lounge, the experience is further enriched with extra features like fold out tables, TV screen, chiller and lot more.
Want to modify your Toyota Innova to a DC Innova? This transformation is available only INR 4.95 lakhs onwards.


It is one of the DC Cars that has gone through a major design change after the New Fortuner was launched. The new offering is called the DC iLounge and has a futuristic look and feel to it. It looks more sophisticated in terms of its design and engineering.

The lounge houses two recliners, powered tables and footrest. Use of laser perforated leather and detailing with chrome and wood laminates further adds beauty to it.
This beautifully crafted DC iLounge can be designed for both the New and the old Fortuner.
The DC iLounge for Fortuner is available INR 8.95 Lakhs onwards.

DC Duster


The Renault Duster has been a hit since its launch, a favourite amongst the young and “young at heart”. It is a smart looking SUV, and is good for those fun and adventure trips. But when it comes to everyday Home-Office Home driving, every car seems difficult. And that is a reason a lot many people have chauffeurs to drive them in daily traffic.
With the DC transformation, you Duster will be a perfect chauffeur driven car for weekdays without compromising on your adventurous weekends.

DC Duster comes with one semi reclining seat which merges with the folded down co driver seat making it a semi bed. There are pop out tables and a screen for ease and entertainment.
On a weekend you can still use it as a 4-seater family adventure vehicle.
DC has also designed an exterior kit for the Duster, giving a high fashion touch.

The interior lounge for the DC Duster is available INR 4.20 Lakhs onwards; the exterior kit is available for INR 2.5 Lakhs. But taken together the whole package will cost you approx. INR 6 Lakhs.

DC Eco Sport


The DC lounge for the Ford eco sport is designed on the same lines as DC Duster; chauffeur driven for weekdays without compromising self-driving adventure over weekends. With semi recliner/ semi bed, you can stretch and relax while your driver makes his way through the traffic. You will always arrive fresh and active to you office or to your meetings.

There is also a screen for you to watch movies or to have a last look at that important presentation. The pop-out tables make sure you do not miss out on a meal in peace.

For those who love to be different, DC has designed an evil, meaner, sinister exterior kit.

The piecing for DC Eco sport is same as that of DC Duster. The interior is available INR 4.20 Lakhs onwards; the exterior kit is available for INR 2.5Lakhs. But taken together the whole package will cost you approx. INR 6 Lakhs

DC Evalia


All the customized DC cars follow the theme of making interiors luxurious and comfortable for those in the rear seat and DC Evalia is no different.
In fact with this car DC offers an amazing proposition conference style seating for 4 at the back. Meetings and discussions got a new venue now, the DC Evalia. Be it a family travel, a meeting with a client or a pre meeting with office staff before meeting a client, DC Evalia just sets a right environment and settings for all the scenarios.

DC Evalia is equipped with two recliners and two captain seats arranged in conference style seating. The partition is embedded with TV screen and there are fold out table for convenience.
The DC Evalia customization is available INR 12.5 lakhs onwards.
Evalia is a Nissan car that has been discontinued, but in case you find one, this is an amazing customization to go for.

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