Maruti Cars under 5 lakhs: India’s Favourite Cars

Maruti is a market leader today is and is the most popular brand when it comes to cars under 5 lakhs. Maruti Suzuki has been in India since 1982, understanding the Indian customers and  delivering the products that best suit the requirements of a common man. The brand has been popular for bringing in cars […]


DC Avanti- A ‘Sports car’ Dream come True

DC Avanti, A sports car you can buy without mortgaging your property. Stunning looking cars races past you, and all the heads turn to admire that beauty. This is not a regular scenario, it happens once in a while when you see an unusual looking sports car crossing your eyes. You hold your breath and […]


Maruti Celerio X: Stay Ahead In Style

Maruti Celerio has been there in the market for more than 3 years. It made to the highlights, as it was the first Automatic car by Maruti. Recently, the car again caught my attention with its new ‘Stay Ahead in style” campaign, which seemed to be targeted towards the urban commuters. An option of people […]


Automatic Cars in India: 6 Cars under 6 Lakhs

Automatic Cars in India are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Most of the rides to office and back from office end up in a start stop ride. With ever increasing traffic you end up braking more than accelerating. And constant requirement to press the clutch and change the gears is no less than […]

DC Fortuner iLounge- An Affordable Luxury

Who wouldn’t like a chauffeur driven Maybach or a Rolls Royce. Such pleasures come at very high cost. Let’s say at least 1.5 Crore. But what if you could enjoy a similar experience at one fifth a cost? Is it possible? Yes, DC Design has made it possible. With the all new DC Fortuner iLounge, […]


Volvo XC90 T8 Excellence: The Man You Want

Volvo XC90 Excellence is a true Scandinavian Luxury. It is modern clean, simple and highly functional in design. Less is More. Who is the perfect man? If you ask me to define I would say; good looking, nice chiseled body and most importantly, intelligent both mentally & emotionally. With the imperfections of humans, it might […]

Renault Kwid: Beauty in Small Packet

For years the only Renault car people knew was the Duster. Out of 10 Renault cars sold in India 9 were the Dusters. The number game changed with the launch of Renault Kwid, an entry level Hatch back. Renault’s market share spiked with this new baby in their product portfolio. As per the recent updates […]


DC Lounge: Toyota Innova Crysta

Mind your own business is taken seriously at DC Design. DC Design introduced the idea of ‘privacy & comfort’ to the Indian car market. The DC Lounge for the Innova Crsyta is the 4th generation lounge product by the company. Staying true to the core, with each design change, the company has increased the simplicity […]